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RECENT Projects

NOTUS Music Notation

since April 2013, Erwin is developing NOTUS.

Notus is a restructuring and restyling of the conventional music notation in such a way that for novices the learning process
of reading notes is minimal 5 to 10 times faster, easier and with no stress.
Notus stays embedded in the Western music theory and last but not least Notus is for all ages, for all instruments and for
all music styles, included contemporary classical music, micro-tone music and Arabian maqam music
(even with smaller tones than a quarter tone).

Notus uses a staff with three lines
• in Notus there are no more clefs, no more sharps, flats and naturals: the notation of the flattened or sharpened tones uses a unique and very logical symbol,
• the tie is restyled to avoid reading mistakes with the legato bow,
• tuplets are easier to interpret (=knowing the total time to execute),
• there is a new 'tonica key signature' with one knows immediately the correct relative key and the scale,
• there are some corrections in the rest symbols,
• Notus has been rethinking the symbols tick, comma, caesure and fermata and offers a restricted clear meaning and a new series of very logical fermata signs,
• in Notus the repeat signs are redrawn to a logical coherent unit of symbols,
• the same goes for the trills, tremolos and vibrato,
• the signs for glissando, pedal-glissando and portamento are visual united,
• the notation of harmonics and multiphonics are standardized,
• in Notus quarter tones and three quarter tones are easily notated and recognized, just like microtones up to a 72nd tone,
• there is a special 'A-Notus' hybride variation to notate all kinds of atonal music,
• there are fixed rules for the typography
• there is a proposal the notate Baroque ornaments
and a lot more very specific notation innovations in the idiomatic notation, like a new hybride tabulatura notation with one learns to play guitar and to read notes at the same time.

Everything is described and explained (even why there is a need for a total restyling) from within the rules of contemporary
visual communication and the principle of 'what-you-see-is-what-you-play' in a HANDBOOK NOTUS that will be published
between January and March 2016.
A website is on its way and lectures are already given
(see below for the next one)

Notus © Erwin Clauws, 2013-2015, authenticated by notarial deed

FUTURE Project:

December 4th, 2015 – January 23th, 2016: EXHIBITION: MdSt — Raw Edges

SHOOBIL - Antwerp (Belgium), Museumstraat 4, 2000 Antwerp, tel. +32 (0)474 29 33 02,
open: Wo, Thu, Fri, Sat 11.00 a.m. – 7 p. m.
go to :
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April 21th, 2016 — 8.15 p.m.: A SOUNDDISH EVENT : LECTURE introducing NOTUS

De Cultuurloft - Ghent (Belgium), Tentoonstellingslaan 147, 9000 Ghent, tel. +32 (0)486 72 45 82,
go to:

PAST Projects:

April 8th, 2015: Conférence Présentation NOTUS, Notation de musique (French spoken):
Salle Louise l'Abé, 30 rue de l'Abbé Tournier, Lectoure (France)
article: Lire la musique autrement Erwin Clauws est l'étonnant inventeur d'un nouveau système d'écriture musicale, «Notus». A la demande de l'association A3L, il donnait, le 9 avril, ...Lire

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Artistic Research: The Conscious Quintessence of the Abstract — an investigation on hidden meanings in Abstract Work —
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