Erwin Clauws

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Monumental drawings

Abstract Character series

The series “Abstract Characters” – monumental drawings, each 250 x 193 cm – has started out of a research period two years ago by Erwin around the topic “to give meaning to the line concept”. Through clear forms that are born out of a studied combination from perspective, proportion and colour he found out that is was possible to link drawn line combinations to universal human characteristics. Before his research it was not possible to reproduce these universal characteristics in art without relaying on a typical well known comics and cartoon style.

By using the trait as a title, the drawings become in a certain way figurative, confronting the audience with a first question to legitimize both principles “abstract” and “figurative” in his drawing and a second question about the rightness about his proposition “that kind of drawing representing that kind of universal human character given by the title”.

Despite these not evident questions the drawings are also meant to serve as a pure esthetical series that has her roots in the known abstract art while pushing the use of line and meaning to a limit.

Three works were selected second laureate in the 3-yearly Price of the town Asse, edition 2010 (Belgium) and they played a main role in his research “The conscious quintessence of the abstract”
The works are executed with pastel on paper. Each work is presented with a four language title (Dutch, French, English and German).
Each work has a limited edition of 9 copies whereby each copy is executed by hand, so that the work stays an original drawing. The drawings are at their four corners fixed to the wall.

A presentation on a flat DiBond surface is possible on request. (thickness 4 mm and aluminium frame on back: see pictures below of “the Person Present” ).

de Onwrikbare — l’Inébranlable — the Immovable — der Unerschütterliche
2010 / pastel on heavyweight paper / 250 x 193 cm – a.c.216] – Award Winning – Award visual arts Asse 2010, Belgium

de Onwankelbare — l’Imperturbable — the Unshakable — der Unbeirrbare
2010 / pastel on heavyweight paper / 250 x 193 cm – a.c.218] – Award Winning – Award visual arts Asse 2010, Belgium

de Onaanvechtbare — l’Incontestable — the Indisputable — der Unanfechtbare
[2010 / pastel on heavyweight paper / 250 x 193 cm – a.c.217] – Award Winning – Award visual arts Asse 2010, Belgium

de Hardvochtige — l’Impitoyable — the Heartless — der Hartherzige
[2011 / pastel on heavyweight paper / 250 x 193 cm – a.c.244]

de Zachtmoedfige – The Kind-hearted – Le Douce – Der Milde
2012 / pastel on heavyweight paper / 250 x 193 cm – a.c.290]

de Aanwezige — le Présent — the Person Present — der Anwesende
[2011 / pastel on heavyweight paper / presentation on DiBond 4 mm —249 x 186 cm – a.c.243]

Le déjeuner sur l’herbe

The work “Le déjeuner sur l'herbe” is derived from the series “Abstract Characters”. Just like the “Abstract Characters series” it has its origin in the resarch “The Quintessence of the Abstract” . In this work Erwin reversed the working method of the series “Abstract Characters”, by means of the question: is it possible to create an abstract image from a given and present abstract emotional feeling that is present in well known art works?
For a full explanation about thinking method and the necessity of the second part — two containers with waste — once again I refer to the pages of the research project “
The Conscious Quintessence of the Abstract – an investigation about hidden meanings in abstract works of art(May 2010-May 2012).

Le déjeuner sur l’herbe — part 1 [2011 / pastel on heavyweight paper mounted on DiBond 4mm/ 250 x 188 cm – a.c.238a]

Le déjeuner sur l’herbe — part 2, residual fraction [2011 / two containers filled with waste, mainly paper, plastics, pastel and glass / 90 x 60 x 28 cm – a.c.238b]